Lost and Found

Trek to the Mountains
Yeenomogowhat Appears

The party collected their treasures from the displacer beast's cave. It appeared as though someone had been living in the cave. Apparently not concerned with this the party continued onward to the mountains. They took a slim pathway with druid runes carved into rocks for protection.

As the traversed they realised they had gone beyond the protection of the rocks. Ember noticed a group of gnolls headed their way. They had to act fast. Frihiri knew their weakness was their wits and so they party devised a quick plan to have Frihiri transform into the Gnoll god to intimidate them while Ember created a god-like display with the thaumaturgy. Drogan and Baxan put on their best performances as slave-body-guards.

When the gnolls approached they were intimidated but didn't quite fall for the trick. The party managed to fight them off with relative ease. Unfortunatly Baxan took a hard hit when the gnoll pack leader drove his spear through his plate armour and slashed his cheek. Baxan got his revenge.

Drogan found he has a soft spot for defenseless, bleeding, gnolls.

After Ember had finished mending and healing the party they began to search for the trail again in hopes they would find the druid stones and rest before they reached the mountain. Unfortunately the lot of them were utterly useless at night hiking and they resolved to camp where they stood.

When the party awoke Drogan was cooking eggs using the flames of Ember's hair. Drogan's eyebrows might grow back.

The party continued onward. They came to the base of the sword mountains where Frihiri scouted ahead and devised a simple plan for them to climb the dangerous ravine. The party tied themselves to Frihiri's immovable rod and she flew aside them as they climbed.

Baxan farted and summoned a wind elemental. wut?

As the party attempted to jump a 30ft gap in the trail a gust of wind blew Baxan and Frihiri to the other side. The party managed to hastily make it across and the wind elemental furiously began to attack.

Heavy damage was taken by all party members as they struggled against the elemental. They finally defeated it, although Baxan was rendered unconscious briefly, and decided to find shelter for a while to rest and heal. Perhaps they neeed to heal their pride after being beaten senseless by an oversized fart.

Amphail and beyond
Gotz a hometown now, bruthas!

The party rests after their encounter with the Ant-keg thing. The strange man they had rescued proves to be an idiot. Drogan is particularly difficult to wake and dexterously avoid Phyl's beatings. somehow the party gets back on the road into the blazing heat.

As they enter Amphail they find it to be a wealthy sort of a town, well built. The party find their run town inn previously known as the Moonlight Stag (I think). It is under heavy renovations. The party race in through the door and see a flock of wild Dwarves standing about.

"No this will no do. They will have to go. Them and the drapes!" – Drogan exclaims.

Lithune, the manly, womanly, beardly, dwarf who will be building their inn, greets them and they go over some of the building specifications. The party are offered lodgings at Lithune's guild of builders.

Vincent leaves the party shortly after. (Althoguh I can't remember why.) He kisses Ember farewell and leaves with a solemn expression. The wind blows, the sky darkens with his absence. It was very dramatic.

In the town centre, (possibly after a days rest), the part notices the idiot man they rescued dancing for coin in the street and singing terribly.

The party does some shopping about and bob around the town to check out what's there. Ember meets a merchant who tells her that her strange elemental box belonged to a great elemental known as [Archer?]. It is very old.

Frihiri cuts her tongue to look like a snake. [Ugh I'd forgotten about that.]

a week passes and the party is met by a brown robed woman who offers them a reward for obtaining salamander eggs for her alchemical needs. The party agrees and they begin preparations for another adventure.

Drogan investigates rumours of a magic free zone.

<u>The party visited a farmstead? I have no idea what happened here. Something about a forest at noon. My handrwiritng is illegible. Please halp.</u>

Humanoid tracks are spotted and the party follows to a sheer cliff. Frihiri sends her familiar out to investigate and loses it to a beast within a cave. As they make their way up they find themselves at the lair of the growling beast. As they party talk of a way to lure the beast out and attack it, Drogan fires his gun wildly at something and alerts the beast.

Frihiri takes to the skies and Baxan and Ember grudgily prepare to be slaughtered.

[In other words you give it the illegible and make it bleed from the inside out. You sicken me.] – Comment on 'Inflict Wounds' spell. Probably said by Drogan.

The displacer beast glitches in and out of sight and the party struggle to land hits. Ember is pretty much the hero of this fight. Frihiri spends her time perched in the sky on an immovable rod, missing. Baxan probably missed his attacks too. Drogan was shooting at trees? OH. But he did manage to land the killing blow, somehow.

Ember is healed after her heroic battle with the beast and near death. The party head on into the cave to collect their spoils.



Note: Sorry I forgot things and I can't read my handwriting ;_;

The Lost and Found
Onward to the Inn


After the party's adventures under the city they took to their beds in the local inn. Drogan wearily searches for answers to this strange tattoo on his arm, visiting tattoo removalists and clerics in a delirious but determined state. It appears the tattoos are cursed and will only be removed after some kind of event has been allowed to play through. He donates a coin for their services and hurries off to bed, his mind no more at rest than before.

Frihiri spends the next morning with Baxan visiting Cecelia. Interested in information Cecelia might provide on what has recently happened they find themselves at her bedside. Frihiri immediately notices her tiefling features and begins her courting ritual ;) ;)

Unfortunatly Cecelia does not remember anything about the shadow that inhabited her body, however she did mention seeing some images. Though she may not feel they're relevant Frihiri tells her to take note of them. Baxan leaves with Frihiri and they rest for the night. The next morning the party visits Cecelia and her father to collect their reward. They are given 500GP to share amongst themselves and then are further excited by the Lords request to fund their guild. He intends to buy an inn for them to function within. Cecelia intends to travel south and gather more information about their cursed tattoos. The Lord offers them a cart to travel in and the party decides to leave in the next evening. Before leaving Frihiri asks Cecelia for a lock of her hair. Not for sacrificial reasons, I'm sure.

As the party prepares to leave town they go through their hoards of loot for things to sell. Many gems are sold. Drogan attempts to turn a 'magical-but-actually-cursed' shield into a frying wok, although he only succeeds in denting it. Frihiri takes the shield and searches for an underground shady dealer to buy it. She managed to palm off her enchanted necklace and the shield for 93GP and makes new allies for herself in the underground.

The party leaves Waterdeep in the late evening with a farewell from that annoying Butler. Franker-something. James. Nose. Whatever. They meet an unexpected friend, Phillysia the caravan driver. As they continue down the long road they find themselves at a small inn manned by a jittery old man with a questionable sanity. The party does not allow Frihiri to abuse the man's frail brain.

The old man tells Drogan that he has seen a man in his uniform around this area, following a half-elf woman. Drogan hands over some coin for more information and leaves to follow up on this lead. The party doesn't allow him to go alone, much to his disdain, and they arrive at a small house. Drogan bursts through the door and demands information on his Private Partridge. His spirits are dampened when he learns his Private has died from infectious wounds after an encounter with bandits.

He gives the people some coin for their damaged door and attends the grave of his Private with a solemn expression and says "Unity through purity." He takes his Private's musket and the party continue down the road in their caravan. Drogan sings a song from his people as they travel. The party keep their eyes peeled for trouble and travel mostly in silence. Ahead they notice a man standing on an overturned wagon, something strange is on his head. Without any clue on what is happening and still lost in his grief, Drogan decides to chug a health potion, he feels invigorated!

Frihiri disguises herself as a dragonborn and goes with Baxan to investigate the strange man. they notice a burrow of sorts near the wagon. They stop to ask the man what has happened. They notice trails of blood leading away from the wagon and the ground begins to tremble. Baxan is caught in the claws on a great insectoid beast.

Drogan fires a shot at the beast and Ember shoots a bolt from her crossbow. The beast is revealed to have acid blood and it reels in pain, trying to throw Baxan from its grip. Baxan manages to hold on and drops nearby the beast. Frihiri throws her poison spores are the creature and warns her party members not to breathe it in while she retreats to a safe distance. However, it appears it was not so safe as a beast emerges from the ground beside Frihiri and she just manages to dodge its claws.

Drogan's shaky hands make it difficult for him to shoot and he fails to land a shot on the creature. Ember takes some acid damage from the beast as she inflicts wounds and its blood spurts from its body. Baxan uses his ice blade to attack, avoids the acid blood and lands a killing blow on the beast. Now for the second beast.

Frihiri uses Ray of Enfeeblement to weaken the beast near her and Thyrren uses his ice magic to attack. Ember inflicts wounds on the beast by Frihiri and the acid burns through Frihiri's non-existant armour. Ember attempts to throw Frihiri a potion however the potion smashes on her face. She is sort of healed. A bit.

Baxan smashes the beast with his axe while Frihiri sensibly runs away and tries to rocever some of her health. Drogan shoots the beast, landing the final blow.

With the beats defeated the party search the magon and speak to the strange man. In their search for goodies within the wagon they discover something is playing tricks on them. Immediatly they are confronted by a pair of quicklings. It is a difficult battle against creatures they cannot see, however with some trial and error they manage to slice and dice the little buggers. Ember uses radiant damage to re-create the big bang with the body of one of the quicklings. It was epic.

The party, it seems, has taken the strange man under their wing for the mean-time. He will travel with them to their guild inn.




Rescue and Escape!
Epic boss battle ahead

The party continues from their battle with the Grue and explores the caverns further. They come upon a thick polished door and smash it down to find [insertnamehere], the biggest douchebag wizard there ever was. It is revealed that Alphonse in in fact a woman, Cecelia in fact. The very woman they've been looking for. surprise <<<(our faces)

After a pleasant interrogation of the douchebag wizard the party agrees not to kill him and to gather information from him so they find Cecilia's body. It is revealed that Cecilia had witnessed a ritual being performed by said-wizard involving a dark demon. The dark demon body-snatched her and her soul was transferred into the suit of armour that this party knew her to be. Cecilia/Alphonse, filled with rage, attacks the wizard leaving him in a critical state. The party attempts to stabilise him however he falls unconscious and is unable to tell them where the demon who stole her body is. 

The party take their chances and continue to adventure through the caverns. The party managed to pass through a booby trap because Frihiri is awesome. Drogan dug a hole. Baxan walked ahead, because he does that. A fight ensued and the demon boss in Cecilia's body gave up a good fight. In fact we doomed ourselves by knocking over her suspicious vase and causing some terrible ritual to complete.  After defeating the demon and returning Cecilia to her body the party quickly escaped the collapsing caverns ans was greeted by the townsfolk. Now the party shall rest and recover and hopefully obtain their reward.

Also we now have some super cool and creepy new tattoos.

Demon hunters
Winchesters maybe?

After defeating the undead ogre threat, the time decided to venture on through the depths of the facility, only to come across multiple pathways. Deciding to venture to what they believed was the south, they came across multiple corridors with dim or no lighting. entering one hallway only to discover that it led to a dead end, the party decided to return to the previous hall and take a different path, only for Ember to be attacked by a tentacle demon, set on devouring her it fell straight over her head and upper torso. With the teams attempts to free her futile, eventually Ember got the upper hand on the creature after its tentacles were severed from frihiris magic missile, allowing her too tear it off to a hastily demise at the weapons of the group. 


After defeating the Japanese fantasy demon, the team proceded to come across a heavily defended door, and with several attempts to open it with both fire and brute force, the door eventually opened, only to slam and lock moments after the team entered. Inspecting the room to find nothing, the team turned down the nearby hall.

It moments, a dark presence from down the hall revealed itself, moving further and further to the retreating group. After cornering them into the room, the shadow revealed itself as a monster made of shadows, with little the team could do to damage it. After several attempts, the group discovered that only some forms of magic, and enchanted weapons have any effect, with physical weapons, poison magic and the necrotic dagger, handed to Drogan who had no other defense, showed to have no effect. Eventually, Frihiri's magic, Embers holy light Baxan's new enchanted sword and Drogans borrowed dagger eventually ook down the shadow beast.

After recovering, the group went on to find some hidden rare weapons, alongside the ones they had found shortly before, adding up to a healthy sum of weapons, tools, and armours.


Cultists Beware: Adventurers Ahead
The tale of a masacre

The party has just fended off cultist attackers in the <s>forest</s> docks of Waterdeep. Aware that they are not alone and that more cultists are roaming the streets, Vincent the brave and Thyrren slink off to find them. The party remains behind to investigate a strange light that they see flickering down an alley. The mysterious light is revealed to be a cultist woman.

Our brave cleric, Ember, attempted to intimidate the cultist woman and capture her to  no avail. Thankfully with the combined efforts of the entire party the woman is secured by soft rope, only after Baxan crushed her under his weight in a display of excellent dexterity.

With the cultist captured Frihiri takes flight and scouts for Thyrren and Vincent. She discovers an injured Thyrren who informs her Vincent is missing. She is able to help Thyrren hobbl;e back to the party and they convince the cultist captive to take them to the cultist base where they hope to find Vincent. Frihiri attempts to enter using a cover story; she wishes to study Lichdom under the service of Orcus.

When the party arrives at the cultist base Frihiri uses Alphonse as proof of her evil wishes and she is able to convince two guards to leave their posts. With a performance by the capable servant, Drogan, the remaining guard is distracted and killed. The party advances into a two storey warehouse filled with food and crates.

Within the warehouse three guards are hastily discussing how to get rid of the annoying wizard outside. The party devises a plan to surprise the guards and logically sends their two least stealthy members to sneak around from the back. Chaos ensues as the plan inevitably fails. Baxan and Ember are tragically discovered by two guards playing cards by the back of the warehouse. The party fended off their attackers well; Drogan managed to pull off a few lucky stunts, much to his victim's surprise, as he stole a guard's spear and used it as an obstacle against another. Frihiri's mojo was a little off, her magic not quite up to bar in this fight.

With their attackers now thoroughly deceased the party advanced to the floor above them where a small man sat cowering. He begged for his life and the party agreed to allow him to remain tied up with their captive cultist. After interrogating the cowering man on the location of the captives they take their spoils and loot, which had been stolen from the aforementioned captives and locked in a nearby office, and continue downstairs to a hidden room. Vincent's rapier and cloak were curiously amongst the belongings held in the office.

The captives are overjoyed to be released however, Vincent is not amongst them. The party searches and finds a steel trap door on the floor. After some deliberation it is opened and Frihiri's owl is sent to explore using some blinged up bling borrowed from the party fund and imbued with Ember's magic. Bellow in the darkness are the emaciated bodies of people who had apparently cannibalised one another. The party feels that something is just not right about dropping into a pit full of possibly undead cannibals so they opt for blowing the shit out of the whole room instead. After a few attempts at setting the bodies alight Drogan decides it would be a smashing idea to construct a human grenade out of the corpse of one of the earlier murdered guards. With some help from the strong-stomached-sadist Frihiri he manages to craft the deadly flesh and debri bomb and send it down bellow. The ghouls, who had been drawn to the trap door opening, were decimated not only by the explosion but also the desperate barrage of every ranged spell, bullet and arrow the party had to throw.

They ventured onward and through the slush of their defeated foes. They find before them a curious door with an orbed pole-thing before it. Believing this to be an obvious puzzle but having learned his lesson about magical objects, Baxan stands at a distance and fires his cold breathe at the orb. It reacts badly however he is able to dodge the magic effects. He decides logically that if ice didn't work then fire would and has Frihiri hurl a bolt of flames at the orb. The door opens. The party was a little amazed that the fighter was the one who solved that puzzle, to be honest.

The party then stood in a large room with tall statues of what appeared to be demon gods. There were some oval gems and a skull on a bench and a door with an oval shaped hole in it on the other side of the room. As before Baxan was the first to bravely attempt to open the puzzling door. He slotted in one of the gems and managed once again to dodge the angry magical effect the door had. After revising the strange riddle they had found on a fountain in the room he decided that the human skull was a good fit and the door opened. The party proceeded.

As they continued they found themselves in a corridor with several forks branching off into the unknown. Ahead a deadly gas spore loomed. The party considered their options, knowing that it would be dangerous to become infected, and decided logically to send Alphonse to destroy the creature. The gas spore is thankfully dealt with without any dilemas. Before moving onward through the corridor they decide to venture into the first right hand turn. Baxan, the opener of doors, opened the door only to be royally slammed down by a massive undead ogre. It was tough but in the end no match for the party as they defeat it with a vengeance.

The party doubles back to recover from their massacring of creepy-ass foes. They remain resting in the previous room, which held the delightful demon statues, by the mystical fountain. The fountain seems to fill them with a comforting energy.

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Spoilers: It's a Cult

Arrival in Waterdeep

Finally, the party arrives at their destination. Goodbyes are had, and party members are made official (and the resident psuedo dragon gains all the swag in the form of a pink registration  collar). Vincent gives the party a quick lay-down of the city and informs them he wil be staying in the Trade Ward and everyone joins him – even Drogan to the rest of the party's surprise. 

As is is already passed dusk, everyone agrees to turn in for the night.

Shopping Montage 

The excitement of the big city catches hold and the party separates to get some much awaited shopping done. Ember, along with Vincent eyebrow waggles head to a store that might know a thing or two about her strange box from the plane of fire. The storekeeper, a friend of Vincent's, is happy to help but is met with a nasty surprise when handling the goods as the curse is still very much active. Ember apologises profusely and offers to pay for the removal of the man's curse which seems to cheer him up enough to continue the appraisal. He can't identify it exactly but informs the two of them that it was made by or for an archomental of the plane of fire, but does not recognise the isignia.  The pair then leave and see the man quickly rush off to the nearest temple.

Baxan seeks an upgrade for his armour and finds the very best of places, however, he finds that the best comes at a price… as does adjustments for a tail and broadness of a dragonborn and it proves to be a little too much yet, but give it time Baxan, give it time. All his other endeavours go off without a hitch. 

Drogan, as a non-native to these lands, searches for something a little close to home – an assortment of gears, and bits and bobs for some tinkering scheme. The lady at the store seems a little eccentric but amiable towards Drogan's needs, even showing him her own work; an odd, clockwork device that tap dances when wound.

Finally, Frihiri, always in the pursuit of knowledge she tracks down the aid of a wizard. The closest being near the city's large grave yard; a wizard by the name of Rashern. She is warned of the wizard's foul temperament but it does not deter her in the slightest. As expected, she is met with hostility and arrogance, but Frihiri perseveres. She inquires after both Alphonse, showing the wizard the helm with the arcane sigil embedded within and her grandmother's porn journal.

to the armour, he claims it is, obviously, a helmed horror, but shoddy, incomplete work. Frihiri notices the wizard seems a little worried about something  but when asked the man simply gets defensive and refuses to be of any more help to her, layering on the insults thick. He is quite an insufferable man far too proud and stubborn, even with the prospect of studying Frihiri's -totally not porn- journal (a terrible excuse for a wizard really).

Frihiri storms away in thinly concealed rage. 

Lost and Found Take the Case

The-almost-official Lost and Found then decide to tackle their first case together; the Case of Lord Rivervel's Missing Daughter. They go to his estate as instructed and are greeted by a young butler with an incredible nose. It takes a minute for Drogan to recover from its majesty. 

Soon enough, they meet with the lord and talk about the details of her disappearance and payment. She ran off after an argument, a woman of tall stature, blonde hair and often accompanied by her sword which is emblazoned with the family crest. She has been missing for two-ten days and all other parties have gone missing in her pursuit – hence the increased reward. Rivervel solemnly informs the party that hers is not the only case of abduction and many other citizens of Waterdeep have been taken in the night – the common thread that bound them was that they were all alone. 

Having gotten all information that they could gather, the party takes their leave and begins formulating a plan. 

After sunset, Alphonse gives Frihiri and Baxan a good whack for drawing on the back of their helmet. That is also around the time the party set off – their aim is to use Baxan as bait to draw out the abductors and have Ember locate him through her divine magic.

As Baxan heads out to the docks alone – the docks being the place many of the abductions occur, it is his comrades who come under attack and it is thanks to Frihiri's quick reflexes that she manages to catch her assailant before it's too late! Their cover blown, a fight ensues! Four vs. six! 

The fight is almost fatal for some our adventurers but they come out on top and with Baxan returning in the knick of time to deal a few finishing blows of his own. The two remaining assailants surrender, though one more compliant than the other. When the party isn't looking, Frihiri slits the less friendly man's throat causing the other to break down at the prospect of death. 

All the attackers bear the mark of Orcus and their sole captor is under a <i>Geas</i> ensuring he reveals as little as possible, but he does manage to link both the grumpy wizard and Alphonse to these strange events – and the mark of Orcus bears ill-tidings and undeath. Alphonse admits they know the wizard, they seem furious and agitated at the mention of his name.

Frihiri takes responsibility of their newest captor and vows to make them as uncomfortable as possible and ties them both together as they sleep (it works). 

The party recruits the help of Vincent and Thyrrn (though the prospect of relinquishing some of the profits is undesirable to some). 

The entire party then rocks up to the wizard, Rashern's place to seek answers. Frihiri brings a present – the severed head of one of their assailants and once the door is smashed in she flings it into the room with unrivaled grace and precision. Frihiri and Baxan can't marvel at the throw for too long as several darts launch at the two in the doorway, but they dodge away in the knick of time.

Though the place is messy, it looks as though some important things are missing, though the symbol of Orcus and scattered pieces of armour and scrawled notes further implicate the mage of his sins. The party leave with a small bundle of magical looking vials.

Running out of options, the party decides to wait until evening to try again – hoping to use their captive to  locate the hideout on the docks. Frihiri shops for a wand and purchases one that aids in the accuracy of her magic.

Evening comes again and the party takes action, everyone of the Lost and Found dong their part. They come upon a band of hooded figures, they notice Frihiri immediately when she takes flight and she draws them away. Using this as a distraction, the party advances upon the enemy and takes them out with ease. Now only one assailant remains.

A Smashing Good Time
The smashing of foes is always good...

The journey to Waterdeep continued as Phillysia's caravan's were able to leave Ironhill. Drogan did his best to exert as little effort as possible whilst still technically guarding the vans. He notices strange yellow eyes within the woods watching them pass by and suspiciously the party investigates. Their short investigation produced no results and they decided it would be best to press on without further delay. The party took turns at watches during the night, Baxan taking the first, Ember and Frihiri taking the darkest shifts with their darkvision, and Drogan taking the shift closest to dawn. Unfortunately the party were too distracted in their own thoughts to notice a small girl slip away into the night. When morning came the parents of the small girl were considerably stressed and the party were forced to delay while they searched the woods for the girl. They were able to follow strange bird-like tracks and the young girls own footprints to her location where she was being attacked by an angry cockatrice.
The party quickly took positions to aid the girl. Drogan, not wishing to be turned to stone, entered the trees with Frihiri. Baxan and Ember remained on the ground and the party surprise attacked. Fortunately the cockatrice did not prove to be formidable and was defeated without injury to the party. The same could not be said for the little girl who was suffering the effects of petrification in her right arm. Ember sympathetically used her cleric magic to stop the spread of the petrification and the party returned her to her worried parents.

As they approach the town of Forston, Drogan speaks to a farmer about the location of one of his crew members, as the farmer recognised his uniform. A private who is rumoured to be travelling with a half-elf. It is suspected that he is in Waterdeep. During their visit to Forston Drogan spoke to someone in a tavern who also witnessed the passing by of the private.
When the party arrived in town they took full advantage of the interesting shops to explore. Drogan acquired new bullets, Baxan partook in some dismal attempt at bartering and Frihiri managed to acquire a new magic scroll. Ember bought some crossbow bolts. Later than night Frihiri, hovering outside Drogan's window, asks ever so nicely for him to translate some strange runes on the cover of her grandmother's locked book. Drogan did so, but only out of curiosity. It was uncovered that the book was titled, "The Lord of Shadows."
The caravan party moved on the next morning to clearer skies and good weather. Unfortunately it seemed that there were still strange beings lurking in the woods, following them. The party suspected goblins and were cautious during their first night's watch. Frihiri laid alarms around the caravans and merchants were warned of the potential danger of being robbed by goblins. Vincent and Gweneth joined the nights watch. During Frihiri and Embers watch they noticed a rustling in the woods. An armoured being was sprinting toward them faster and faster. With little time to react they made an effort to wake the party and prepare for conflict.
The armoured being came into view and motioned for them to get out of the way, though the warning was futile. Shortly after the armoured being appeared, so did a formidable shadow demon. Frihiri made some pathetic attempt to scare it away, but it only laughed and lunged in for an attack.
The party struggled to fight the shadow demon with most of their attacks missing or doing little damage. Ember's ability of radiant damage seemed most effective. Drogan's gold bullets may not have made more of an impact but they did leave a glow which aided the party in detecting the location of the shadow demon during the attack. Baxan found it very frustrating to be hacking away at mere shadow, but he did land a few solid hits. When the shadow demon was finally felled the party took a moment to check that the caravans were safe and to investigate the armoured being. The armoured being could not speak but was obviously sentient. They were able to interrogate it simply and discovered it was once human, trapped in this form without a body. The armour was so dubbed Alphonse and the party made jokes toward the creation of a guild for all their new found companions. The Lost and Found.
Arlen, not wishing to die for strangers, had hidden during this battle while Vincent had stood guard over the caravan party members. Arlen got a good serving though.
The next day went without issue, however when the party set up for the next night's watch they found themselves facing a new foe. During [Baxan's?] watch goblins appeared. An ambush of eight and a bugbear. The party was woken and quickly rushed to their feet, ready for conflict. Frihiri dragged Arlen in, the little pussy.
The goblins were defeated with relative ease, minimal injuries were sustained. Baxan did take quite a beating from the bugbear, though it was but a fleshwound. The surviving two goblins were allowed to flee into the woods and the party debated following them to their stash or continuing on to Waterdeep. [I believe we decided to continue on.]




Odd Jobs
Tutorial Level: Complete!

Dungeons & Dragons – Session #3
Odd Jobs


Picking up from the end of our last adventure, there is a small service for the victims lost to the water weird before the festivities start.
Hosted at the town’s largest tavern and sometimes-town-hall, there is a toast in honour of all those who volunteered their services to head off the celebration.
Drogan is approached by Phil and Harress to play a game of poker but quickly finds himself being outmatched as they both gang up on him using rather dishonourable methods. However, in an effort to redeem himself, Vincent comes to Drogan’s aid with a wink and evens out the odds. Drogan instead walks away with a modest winnings for the evening (and perhaps the ire of his employer).

Baxan is also invited to a game of card by Rhineheart with the city guard but is quite unfamiliar with this human game and does poorly. However, his fellow players are understanding and thankfully don’t take advantage of him. It is not long, however, until a small quarrel breaks out nearby at the bar. A large, burly man is hassling a small, cloaked figure who seems desperate to keep his appearance hidden.
Baxan steps up and comes to the figure’s aid. It seems it’s a serious bought of racism spurred by a misunderstanding. The brute claims the boy, who is on closer inspection of a draconic bloodline, melted his drink. Baxan plays the diplomat and calmly deflates the situation, even though the man seems to be raring for a fight.
Baxan then address the boy who (unintentionally) reveals himself to be a noble of Dragonspear castle – a place well-known for its acceptance of all races and is ruled by a strong bloodline of human paladins with the blood of a black dragon flowing through their veins. The boy, Thyrren, claims it was an accident and his powers sometimes act on their own accord. Baxan empathises with the boy, recounting his such experiences for which the boy seems to appreciate and it is not long before he is confident enough to pull back his hood. Thyrren reveals he’s been searching for his sister though, oddly enough doesn’t want his family to find him. Baxan feels pity for the weak little thing and offers him a place in the caravan.

Ember garners the attention of many curious townfolk who have never before seen, let alone heard of a genasi before. A subtle tugging at her pockets quickly end the conversation and Ember immediately realises she has been robbed. Springing to action, Ember chases after the small figure, likely a child, but loses them amongst the crowd. Frihiri, drunk to her eyeballs and having a great time, finds the kid running towards the door and Ember calls out across the tavern floor to stop them. Several people heed the call and a dog pile ensues with one burly man picky up the kid by the arm and presenting the little thief to Ember for confirmation. She confirms he is the culprit but immediately responds with kindness and concern for his well-being. He seems stressed and anxious which Embers picks up on from the get-go and she offers him dinner, whilst also coaxing out his problem.
Apparently he has been working for a thug in order to repay a debt which he used to help his mother. Upon hearing this, Frihiri springs into action and beats the ever-loving shite out of the shady man in a terrifying display of tiefling rage. No-one dares approach as this occurs. Frihiri calms down once she beats the man back to his moral senses and he hands her his wallet. By this time the guards deem it safe to approach and ask what the trouble is. Frihiri explains the situation and the bloody lump on the floor agrees with her statement. The lump is swiftly taken into safety custody.

All in all a successful night!

If you go into the woods today…

The morning brings about the inevitable hangover, the promise of more rewards AND ALSO BABY PSEUDODRAGONS. Baxan finds his totally secret item has hatched and a tiny, floppy being emerges. The two bond and Baxan heads down stairs to show his new adopted child off.
At the appointed time the party is chauffeured to the baron, Everton’s, manor. They are presented with their letters and 25GP each. He assures them that the letters themselves are quite priceless given the Lady Daggerford’s standing (the duchess whom lords of him). Rhineheart and her husband are both there. Her husband is looking haggard and frail but better than he was yesterday because yesterday he was dead.
Everyone engages in polite but awkward conversation except for Drogan who gets straight to the heart of his least favourite matter; abominations and mixed bloods. The lord seems quite frankly shocked by Drogan’s bluntness and warns him to be wary of the company in which he should speak such things. I.e. not here.

Frihiri overhears but commends the arrogant human on his style.

Once back in the safety of town, the party embarks on a mission to stave off the boredom whilst waiting for the road to clear and also to earn a little coin.

Surprisingly, it is Drogan who proves the most adept at tracking the beast and it is not long before he leads the party directly to the cave of which he believes is a mated pair. Thankfully, only one seems at home.

The party tries to position themselves advantageously against the creature but a wandering stick and chainmail armour prove to be the bane of stealth and the beast is alerted to the party’s presence, thus beginning the battle!
The power and presence of the beast is terrifying with both Ember and Baxan taking some serious damage. The fight ends with Drogan taking the killing blow (after he works out some PTSD) and the group now must perform the arduous task of bringing the large beast back to town and they decide they are too injured to find its mate.

Frihiri decides to scout the area from the air and sees smoke and fire nearby. Upon further investigation she discovers a small, fiery humanoid creature that seems intent on following the party’s trial. Frihiri warns Baxan with a bird call but he doesn’t notice. Drogan hears the odd bird call and seems puzzled. It is around then the tiny fire creature bursts from the bushes and rushes towards Baxan. Drogan, in an attempt to intimidate comes between it and the dragonborn which seems to confuse and terrify the tiny thing and it immediately ceases its assault.
Ember speaks to it in Ignan and discovers it was tracking the one with the mark. Apparently the mark left when Baxan touched the box drew it to them. It seems to want to punish the ‘wrong-doer’ but Ember calms the creature down revealing that she can touch the box. The creature looks at her in wide-eyed amazement and bows its head reverently. She asks the creature along but it has other places it needs to be. Before it leaves it waves its hand and the mark from Baxan’s hand is removed it then vanishes in a puff of fire and smoke as both Baxan and it share a nod of, perhaps understanding…?

The party makes its way back to town to receive its reward which is yet unclaimed – they tell the lord that there is another out in the wild and to leave it to them but he tells the party that he only wants the one as the fur is to be a cloak for his wife.

Everyone does a few odd jobs around the place before turning in.

Loose Ends

On their last full day in Ironhill, the party decides to aid in the town’s bandit problem byt taking out their base. The prisoner has offered knowledge of their whereabouts in return for a shortened sentence. And thus, the party receives their whereabouts as well as the location and types of different traps. Vincent and Thyrren both accompany the party for this endeavour.

It takes the better half of the day but the party arrives at the bandits’ campsite – an ancient elven ruin.

There is one guard that stands nearby, Frihiri scouts up above to find another guarding the camp at the opposite side and there is one building left intact that looks to be the sleeping quarters and storage place.

Drogan switches out his usual pistol for a more primitive crossbow and stealths his way into taking down their first threat.

Ember tries to draw out a few more with an imitation of the downed guard calling for a hand but misses the mark on his vocal range causing a rush of confusion from with the camp and a mass exodus bandits from their resting place inside the ruin.

The battle begins and though the fight looks poor in terms of odds for our party, they come through alive and claim the booty (in multiple senses of the word). They also find a new ally within one of the bandits, another tiefling named Alren who seems impressed by Frhiri’s…. assets……..

Drogan is keen to lay his hands on the loot and has one of their captives lead him inside, she performs a simple hand signal and enters through the door flap. Drogan notices other figures beyond the threshold and orders them to come out lest he kill them. They comply and Drogan goes inside to collect his loot. But he is stopped in his tracks when an elven ruin activates and traps him in place. Most people just ignore his predicament though learning from his mistakes, they have a bandit teach them the correct hand signal and make their way through. It is not until the young sorcerer comes by that he is freed after he pushes him down thus releasing him from the magic’s hold.

Drogan mutters insults under his breath and after a short and salty exchange it is enough for Thyrren to retaliate with magic, causing the gunslinger’s clothes to reek of rotten eggs.

The party heads back with 3.5 prisoners as they are unsure of what to do with Frihiri’s new friend. He’s happy to travel along with everyone but brings up the problem that is his companions – no love lost apparently. Drogan frees the woman given his code and hands her 5 gold pieces to start a new life. She is bemused by him but there is a hint of gratitude.
The other two are shown a threatening display and a promise of punishment should they reveal that two of their companions were allowed to escape and they agree, fearful for their lives.

Once back at town, Drogan is reek-free and the bandits are handed over. Drogan goes in search of some items that will help in his cause against magic and magic touching him, Baxan plays with his adopted child, Frihiri gets to know her new friend a little better and Ember and Vincent enjoy dinner together. The two part ways after hours of pleasant conversation and Vincent bestows a kiss on her hand as they part ways.

The Adventure Continues…

Finally the day has arrived for their departure from Ironhill, Phil doesn’t seem too bothered by the new additions to her caravan; Thyrren and Alren, and his happy to take any unwanted money off their hands.

It is three days until the next town and from there eight more days until Waterdeep…

The Necromancer's Lair
The journey continues...

Dungeons and Dragons – Session #2
The Necromancer’s Lair

Looming before the team of six brave warriors was the wide mouth of a natural, rocky cave. Together they entered the cave, Ember detecting magic as they moved deeper into darkness lit only by flickering torchlight. They avoided a simple pit trap with ease and traversed the pit using a small alcove. Deeper into the cave, Ember detected traces of necromancy in a chamber ahead in the form of six deathly figures. Four shuffling zombies swayed in the center of the chamber and two creaking skeletons hovered near the entrance, prepared to flank anyone who entered.

The team fell into a strategic formation and prepared for battle with the filthy undead. Using a light orb, Ember filled the room with light and a surprise attack on the reanimated corpses commenced. Unlike his earlier battles, Vincent struggled to take down a simple skeleton and earned some injury to his shoulder and arms. Rinehart managed one swift blow to the neighbouring skeleton, but seemed distracted following the initial attack and left herself vulnerable. Drogan, in an impressive feat of marksmanship, blew the head off one of the four zombies in the chamber causing rotting flesh and brain matter to fly in all directions.

Frihiri sent fire bolts at the zombies while Baxan breathed his icy breath over them. One particularly challenging zombie was shot in the eye socket with an arrow from Ember’s crossbow and was then impaled on Baxan’s pike. Frihiri disintegrated a zombie in one hit with a ball of acid, leaving behind an almost liquid puddle of necrotic flesh and earning a fearful respect from everyone in the team. The remaining undead were taken care of by strategic crossbow shots, fireballs and swords arcing through bone.

Following the battle, with little injury, the team noticed two tunnels which led out of the central chamber. Ember detected magic in both chambers, the right with more general magic than the left. They entered the right cavern to find a small bedroom with a mysterious jewelled necklace and a glowing red ruby, as well as some gold and silver pieces. Frihiri claimed the necklace, which appeared to have some enchantment, and Ember claimed the red ruby which was suspected to have the power to summon a fire elemental.

After a short rest, the six continued on their journey and entered the second tunnel with a sense of foreboding. The sharp, rocky walls soon widened into another large chamber containing three still bodies lying on surgical tables with a bucket full of rotting, severed limbs next to each table. This second chamber was full of the stench of rotting flesh and long-dead corpses.

Together, the team begin an attack on the three bodies. Baxan, Vincent and Drogan snuck into the chamber and began hacking at the motionless limbs of the corpses. It wasn’t long before necromancy woke them from their eternal slumbers and they began to attack. To everyone’s horror, the severed limbs in the buckets also began to shift and shuffle with grotesque signs of life.

Vincent, who was clearly having a difficult day, was wounded by a severed hand which leaped from the bucket, gripped him by the throat and left deep, bloody gashes around his neck. Baxan and Drogan took down the two zombies despite difficulties encountered by the severed hands which leapt and scurried around the room as if mocking them. Ember sped into the room and flipped the still quiet bucket of limbs over and placed her weight on it to prevent them from waking, while Frihiri sent fire bolts shooting into the room, lighting the chamber up with flashes of light.

Rinehart was suspiciously silent during the initial battle, frozen in horror at the sight of a familiar face. Everyone was startled when she sped into the room, uncaring to the fierce battle around her, and violently shook the only inanimate corpse in the room.

The battle continued as scurrying hands were crushed under boots and moaning zombies were hacked to pieces. One particularly acrobatic hand gave the team some trouble, causing further injury to the already bloody Vincent and Baxan, but was finally taken out by Drogan.

Meanwhile, Rinehart sobbed over the still corpse of her beloved husband. The team offered their condolences and support, but could not prevent an unquenchable fury igniting within Rinehart. She wanted the blood of the thing responsible.

After healing some minor injuries, the group left the scattered corpses behind to enter the final chamber. The chamber was lit by black flames glowing with an eerie purple light. At the back of the chamber was a prone body on an altar; just waiting for reanimation. At the center stood an elderly man with dank, ripped robes brandishing a scimitar. Ember knew from his garments and the presence of his holy symbol (a skull hanging on a pike) that this man was a Necromancer Cleric who worshipped the Demon God Orcis.

Furious at the inconvenience caused by killing his undead creations, the man began to exclaim, “I have done nothing wrong. I took only bodies which had been killed by the Water Weird!”

But his excuses meant nothing to the team, and they quickly began an attack. Baxan began by slicing the necromancer with his axes, while Ember used the fearsome power of Inflicting Wounds, slicing him open and causing his skin to bubble with black, infected tissue. Drogan used his unusual weapon to shoot the necromancer and Frihiri used her reliable fire bolt to light him up. Vincent and Rinehart slashed and speared him, both roaring in fury, but this man was the most powerful foe they had ever encountered and still he would not die.

Although clearly injured, the necromancer chuckled and focused his anger upon Ember. Around him an iridescent purple light glowed as he channelled his power. Before Ember a disfigured hand emerged from the dark light and hovered towards her. An unusual feeling of cold came over her as the hand approached, and she knew she could do nothing to prevent this Necromancer’s attack. The hand gripped her around the throat, icy pain shooting through her body and draining her fiery energy until she collapsed, unconscious.

Now, furious that one of their own had been hurt, Drogan and Frihiri finished the Necromancer off with a bullet and a bolt of fire. His death was satisfying to no one more than Rinehart, who felt intense relief now that her husband was avenged. Now she could grieve.

Ember was revived and the team explored the room. On a natural rock shelf Baxan located a strange glowing box. Without thought, he reached for the box, only for a dark magic to sweep over his hand, blackening it but not causing any serious damage. Or so it seemed. Ember, however, was able to take the box without danger and read its inscription.

“I wait for her blood to awaken me, and those of her ilk to find me.”

Exhausted, and ready to return to the town now that their mission was over, Drogan set fire to the remaining chamber and they returned to the mouth of the cave, only to be surprised by the presence of a huge wall of water roaring furiously in the lake. The Water Weird.

Ember, with the help of two Clerics, managed to purify the Water Weird with their magic and found the source of its dark anger; a pure black dagger surrounded in an aura of horror and mystery. Frihiri used her Mage Hand to carefully wrap and store the dagger, and together they returned to the town.

Once back at Iron Hill, the townsfolk celebrated joyously. As a reward, the six were offered letters of recommendation and gold from a somewhat insulting and arrogant Baron, but they were grateful all the same. Now, finally, they could rest, for they did not know what the following day had in store for them…


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