Phillysia Snowviel

Quick Tempered, Half-Elven Caravan Master


Phil is quite tough despite her small stature. She has deep, copper coloured skin, fierce green eyes. Her hair is pulled back into a loose braid, which falls out throughout the day into a tangled mess from continuous twirling. A habit she sustains as she thinks.

Many tales have been spun in regards to her missing left pinkie finger.


Phil is the caravan master the party travels with on their journey to Waterdeep. She allows anyone to join her caravan as long as they don’t cause trouble and pitches in to help. She views anyone with fighting skills favourably though abhors laziness and lacks patience.

A woman with a great sense of business acumen, she is well-known in the region for her aggressive haggling skills and fluency in many languages allowing her to deal with a great range of clientele and exotic goods.

She is fiercely loyal to anyone she has taken under her wing as well as her regular customers.

Phillysia Snowviel

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