Lost and Found

Demon hunters

Winchesters maybe?

After defeating the undead ogre threat, the time decided to venture on through the depths of the facility, only to come across multiple pathways. Deciding to venture to what they believed was the south, they came across multiple corridors with dim or no lighting. entering one hallway only to discover that it led to a dead end, the party decided to return to the previous hall and take a different path, only for Ember to be attacked by a tentacle demon, set on devouring her it fell straight over her head and upper torso. With the teams attempts to free her futile, eventually Ember got the upper hand on the creature after its tentacles were severed from frihiris magic missile, allowing her too tear it off to a hastily demise at the weapons of the group. 


After defeating the Japanese fantasy demon, the team proceded to come across a heavily defended door, and with several attempts to open it with both fire and brute force, the door eventually opened, only to slam and lock moments after the team entered. Inspecting the room to find nothing, the team turned down the nearby hall.

It moments, a dark presence from down the hall revealed itself, moving further and further to the retreating group. After cornering them into the room, the shadow revealed itself as a monster made of shadows, with little the team could do to damage it. After several attempts, the group discovered that only some forms of magic, and enchanted weapons have any effect, with physical weapons, poison magic and the necrotic dagger, handed to Drogan who had no other defense, showed to have no effect. Eventually, Frihiri's magic, Embers holy light Baxan's new enchanted sword and Drogans borrowed dagger eventually ook down the shadow beast.

After recovering, the group went on to find some hidden rare weapons, alongside the ones they had found shortly before, adding up to a healthy sum of weapons, tools, and armours.



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