Lost and Found

Odd Jobs

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Dungeons & Dragons – Session #3
Odd Jobs


Picking up from the end of our last adventure, there is a small service for the victims lost to the water weird before the festivities start.
Hosted at the town’s largest tavern and sometimes-town-hall, there is a toast in honour of all those who volunteered their services to head off the celebration.
Drogan is approached by Phil and Harress to play a game of poker but quickly finds himself being outmatched as they both gang up on him using rather dishonourable methods. However, in an effort to redeem himself, Vincent comes to Drogan’s aid with a wink and evens out the odds. Drogan instead walks away with a modest winnings for the evening (and perhaps the ire of his employer).

Baxan is also invited to a game of card by Rhineheart with the city guard but is quite unfamiliar with this human game and does poorly. However, his fellow players are understanding and thankfully don’t take advantage of him. It is not long, however, until a small quarrel breaks out nearby at the bar. A large, burly man is hassling a small, cloaked figure who seems desperate to keep his appearance hidden.
Baxan steps up and comes to the figure’s aid. It seems it’s a serious bought of racism spurred by a misunderstanding. The brute claims the boy, who is on closer inspection of a draconic bloodline, melted his drink. Baxan plays the diplomat and calmly deflates the situation, even though the man seems to be raring for a fight.
Baxan then address the boy who (unintentionally) reveals himself to be a noble of Dragonspear castle – a place well-known for its acceptance of all races and is ruled by a strong bloodline of human paladins with the blood of a black dragon flowing through their veins. The boy, Thyrren, claims it was an accident and his powers sometimes act on their own accord. Baxan empathises with the boy, recounting his such experiences for which the boy seems to appreciate and it is not long before he is confident enough to pull back his hood. Thyrren reveals he’s been searching for his sister though, oddly enough doesn’t want his family to find him. Baxan feels pity for the weak little thing and offers him a place in the caravan.

Ember garners the attention of many curious townfolk who have never before seen, let alone heard of a genasi before. A subtle tugging at her pockets quickly end the conversation and Ember immediately realises she has been robbed. Springing to action, Ember chases after the small figure, likely a child, but loses them amongst the crowd. Frihiri, drunk to her eyeballs and having a great time, finds the kid running towards the door and Ember calls out across the tavern floor to stop them. Several people heed the call and a dog pile ensues with one burly man picky up the kid by the arm and presenting the little thief to Ember for confirmation. She confirms he is the culprit but immediately responds with kindness and concern for his well-being. He seems stressed and anxious which Embers picks up on from the get-go and she offers him dinner, whilst also coaxing out his problem.
Apparently he has been working for a thug in order to repay a debt which he used to help his mother. Upon hearing this, Frihiri springs into action and beats the ever-loving shite out of the shady man in a terrifying display of tiefling rage. No-one dares approach as this occurs. Frihiri calms down once she beats the man back to his moral senses and he hands her his wallet. By this time the guards deem it safe to approach and ask what the trouble is. Frihiri explains the situation and the bloody lump on the floor agrees with her statement. The lump is swiftly taken into safety custody.

All in all a successful night!

If you go into the woods today…

The morning brings about the inevitable hangover, the promise of more rewards AND ALSO BABY PSEUDODRAGONS. Baxan finds his totally secret item has hatched and a tiny, floppy being emerges. The two bond and Baxan heads down stairs to show his new adopted child off.
At the appointed time the party is chauffeured to the baron, Everton’s, manor. They are presented with their letters and 25GP each. He assures them that the letters themselves are quite priceless given the Lady Daggerford’s standing (the duchess whom lords of him). Rhineheart and her husband are both there. Her husband is looking haggard and frail but better than he was yesterday because yesterday he was dead.
Everyone engages in polite but awkward conversation except for Drogan who gets straight to the heart of his least favourite matter; abominations and mixed bloods. The lord seems quite frankly shocked by Drogan’s bluntness and warns him to be wary of the company in which he should speak such things. I.e. not here.

Frihiri overhears but commends the arrogant human on his style.

Once back in the safety of town, the party embarks on a mission to stave off the boredom whilst waiting for the road to clear and also to earn a little coin.

Surprisingly, it is Drogan who proves the most adept at tracking the beast and it is not long before he leads the party directly to the cave of which he believes is a mated pair. Thankfully, only one seems at home.

The party tries to position themselves advantageously against the creature but a wandering stick and chainmail armour prove to be the bane of stealth and the beast is alerted to the party’s presence, thus beginning the battle!
The power and presence of the beast is terrifying with both Ember and Baxan taking some serious damage. The fight ends with Drogan taking the killing blow (after he works out some PTSD) and the group now must perform the arduous task of bringing the large beast back to town and they decide they are too injured to find its mate.

Frihiri decides to scout the area from the air and sees smoke and fire nearby. Upon further investigation she discovers a small, fiery humanoid creature that seems intent on following the party’s trial. Frihiri warns Baxan with a bird call but he doesn’t notice. Drogan hears the odd bird call and seems puzzled. It is around then the tiny fire creature bursts from the bushes and rushes towards Baxan. Drogan, in an attempt to intimidate comes between it and the dragonborn which seems to confuse and terrify the tiny thing and it immediately ceases its assault.
Ember speaks to it in Ignan and discovers it was tracking the one with the mark. Apparently the mark left when Baxan touched the box drew it to them. It seems to want to punish the ‘wrong-doer’ but Ember calms the creature down revealing that she can touch the box. The creature looks at her in wide-eyed amazement and bows its head reverently. She asks the creature along but it has other places it needs to be. Before it leaves it waves its hand and the mark from Baxan’s hand is removed it then vanishes in a puff of fire and smoke as both Baxan and it share a nod of, perhaps understanding…?

The party makes its way back to town to receive its reward which is yet unclaimed – they tell the lord that there is another out in the wild and to leave it to them but he tells the party that he only wants the one as the fur is to be a cloak for his wife.

Everyone does a few odd jobs around the place before turning in.

Loose Ends

On their last full day in Ironhill, the party decides to aid in the town’s bandit problem byt taking out their base. The prisoner has offered knowledge of their whereabouts in return for a shortened sentence. And thus, the party receives their whereabouts as well as the location and types of different traps. Vincent and Thyrren both accompany the party for this endeavour.

It takes the better half of the day but the party arrives at the bandits’ campsite – an ancient elven ruin.

There is one guard that stands nearby, Frihiri scouts up above to find another guarding the camp at the opposite side and there is one building left intact that looks to be the sleeping quarters and storage place.

Drogan switches out his usual pistol for a more primitive crossbow and stealths his way into taking down their first threat.

Ember tries to draw out a few more with an imitation of the downed guard calling for a hand but misses the mark on his vocal range causing a rush of confusion from with the camp and a mass exodus bandits from their resting place inside the ruin.

The battle begins and though the fight looks poor in terms of odds for our party, they come through alive and claim the booty (in multiple senses of the word). They also find a new ally within one of the bandits, another tiefling named Alren who seems impressed by Frhiri’s…. assets……..

Drogan is keen to lay his hands on the loot and has one of their captives lead him inside, she performs a simple hand signal and enters through the door flap. Drogan notices other figures beyond the threshold and orders them to come out lest he kill them. They comply and Drogan goes inside to collect his loot. But he is stopped in his tracks when an elven ruin activates and traps him in place. Most people just ignore his predicament though learning from his mistakes, they have a bandit teach them the correct hand signal and make their way through. It is not until the young sorcerer comes by that he is freed after he pushes him down thus releasing him from the magic’s hold.

Drogan mutters insults under his breath and after a short and salty exchange it is enough for Thyrren to retaliate with magic, causing the gunslinger’s clothes to reek of rotten eggs.

The party heads back with 3.5 prisoners as they are unsure of what to do with Frihiri’s new friend. He’s happy to travel along with everyone but brings up the problem that is his companions – no love lost apparently. Drogan frees the woman given his code and hands her 5 gold pieces to start a new life. She is bemused by him but there is a hint of gratitude.
The other two are shown a threatening display and a promise of punishment should they reveal that two of their companions were allowed to escape and they agree, fearful for their lives.

Once back at town, Drogan is reek-free and the bandits are handed over. Drogan goes in search of some items that will help in his cause against magic and magic touching him, Baxan plays with his adopted child, Frihiri gets to know her new friend a little better and Ember and Vincent enjoy dinner together. The two part ways after hours of pleasant conversation and Vincent bestows a kiss on her hand as they part ways.

The Adventure Continues…

Finally the day has arrived for their departure from Ironhill, Phil doesn’t seem too bothered by the new additions to her caravan; Thyrren and Alren, and his happy to take any unwanted money off their hands.

It is three days until the next town and from there eight more days until Waterdeep…


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