Lost and Found

Amphail and beyond

Gotz a hometown now, bruthas!

The party rests after their encounter with the Ant-keg thing. The strange man they had rescued proves to be an idiot. Drogan is particularly difficult to wake and dexterously avoid Phyl's beatings. somehow the party gets back on the road into the blazing heat.

As they enter Amphail they find it to be a wealthy sort of a town, well built. The party find their run town inn previously known as the Moonlight Stag (I think). It is under heavy renovations. The party race in through the door and see a flock of wild Dwarves standing about.

"No this will no do. They will have to go. Them and the drapes!" – Drogan exclaims.

Lithune, the manly, womanly, beardly, dwarf who will be building their inn, greets them and they go over some of the building specifications. The party are offered lodgings at Lithune's guild of builders.

Vincent leaves the party shortly after. (Althoguh I can't remember why.) He kisses Ember farewell and leaves with a solemn expression. The wind blows, the sky darkens with his absence. It was very dramatic.

In the town centre, (possibly after a days rest), the part notices the idiot man they rescued dancing for coin in the street and singing terribly.

The party does some shopping about and bob around the town to check out what's there. Ember meets a merchant who tells her that her strange elemental box belonged to a great elemental known as [Archer?]. It is very old.

Frihiri cuts her tongue to look like a snake. [Ugh I'd forgotten about that.]

a week passes and the party is met by a brown robed woman who offers them a reward for obtaining salamander eggs for her alchemical needs. The party agrees and they begin preparations for another adventure.

Drogan investigates rumours of a magic free zone.

<u>The party visited a farmstead? I have no idea what happened here. Something about a forest at noon. My handrwiritng is illegible. Please halp.</u>

Humanoid tracks are spotted and the party follows to a sheer cliff. Frihiri sends her familiar out to investigate and loses it to a beast within a cave. As they make their way up they find themselves at the lair of the growling beast. As they party talk of a way to lure the beast out and attack it, Drogan fires his gun wildly at something and alerts the beast.

Frihiri takes to the skies and Baxan and Ember grudgily prepare to be slaughtered.

[In other words you give it the illegible and make it bleed from the inside out. You sicken me.] – Comment on 'Inflict Wounds' spell. Probably said by Drogan.

The displacer beast glitches in and out of sight and the party struggle to land hits. Ember is pretty much the hero of this fight. Frihiri spends her time perched in the sky on an immovable rod, missing. Baxan probably missed his attacks too. Drogan was shooting at trees? OH. But he did manage to land the killing blow, somehow.

Ember is healed after her heroic battle with the beast and near death. The party head on into the cave to collect their spoils.



Note: Sorry I forgot things and I can't read my handwriting ;_;


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