Lost and Found

The Lost and Found

Onward to the Inn


After the party's adventures under the city they took to their beds in the local inn. Drogan wearily searches for answers to this strange tattoo on his arm, visiting tattoo removalists and clerics in a delirious but determined state. It appears the tattoos are cursed and will only be removed after some kind of event has been allowed to play through. He donates a coin for their services and hurries off to bed, his mind no more at rest than before.

Frihiri spends the next morning with Baxan visiting Cecelia. Interested in information Cecelia might provide on what has recently happened they find themselves at her bedside. Frihiri immediately notices her tiefling features and begins her courting ritual ;) ;)

Unfortunatly Cecelia does not remember anything about the shadow that inhabited her body, however she did mention seeing some images. Though she may not feel they're relevant Frihiri tells her to take note of them. Baxan leaves with Frihiri and they rest for the night. The next morning the party visits Cecelia and her father to collect their reward. They are given 500GP to share amongst themselves and then are further excited by the Lords request to fund their guild. He intends to buy an inn for them to function within. Cecelia intends to travel south and gather more information about their cursed tattoos. The Lord offers them a cart to travel in and the party decides to leave in the next evening. Before leaving Frihiri asks Cecelia for a lock of her hair. Not for sacrificial reasons, I'm sure.

As the party prepares to leave town they go through their hoards of loot for things to sell. Many gems are sold. Drogan attempts to turn a 'magical-but-actually-cursed' shield into a frying wok, although he only succeeds in denting it. Frihiri takes the shield and searches for an underground shady dealer to buy it. She managed to palm off her enchanted necklace and the shield for 93GP and makes new allies for herself in the underground.

The party leaves Waterdeep in the late evening with a farewell from that annoying Butler. Franker-something. James. Nose. Whatever. They meet an unexpected friend, Phillysia the caravan driver. As they continue down the long road they find themselves at a small inn manned by a jittery old man with a questionable sanity. The party does not allow Frihiri to abuse the man's frail brain.

The old man tells Drogan that he has seen a man in his uniform around this area, following a half-elf woman. Drogan hands over some coin for more information and leaves to follow up on this lead. The party doesn't allow him to go alone, much to his disdain, and they arrive at a small house. Drogan bursts through the door and demands information on his Private Partridge. His spirits are dampened when he learns his Private has died from infectious wounds after an encounter with bandits.

He gives the people some coin for their damaged door and attends the grave of his Private with a solemn expression and says "Unity through purity." He takes his Private's musket and the party continue down the road in their caravan. Drogan sings a song from his people as they travel. The party keep their eyes peeled for trouble and travel mostly in silence. Ahead they notice a man standing on an overturned wagon, something strange is on his head. Without any clue on what is happening and still lost in his grief, Drogan decides to chug a health potion, he feels invigorated!

Frihiri disguises herself as a dragonborn and goes with Baxan to investigate the strange man. they notice a burrow of sorts near the wagon. They stop to ask the man what has happened. They notice trails of blood leading away from the wagon and the ground begins to tremble. Baxan is caught in the claws on a great insectoid beast.

Drogan fires a shot at the beast and Ember shoots a bolt from her crossbow. The beast is revealed to have acid blood and it reels in pain, trying to throw Baxan from its grip. Baxan manages to hold on and drops nearby the beast. Frihiri throws her poison spores are the creature and warns her party members not to breathe it in while she retreats to a safe distance. However, it appears it was not so safe as a beast emerges from the ground beside Frihiri and she just manages to dodge its claws.

Drogan's shaky hands make it difficult for him to shoot and he fails to land a shot on the creature. Ember takes some acid damage from the beast as she inflicts wounds and its blood spurts from its body. Baxan uses his ice blade to attack, avoids the acid blood and lands a killing blow on the beast. Now for the second beast.

Frihiri uses Ray of Enfeeblement to weaken the beast near her and Thyrren uses his ice magic to attack. Ember inflicts wounds on the beast by Frihiri and the acid burns through Frihiri's non-existant armour. Ember attempts to throw Frihiri a potion however the potion smashes on her face. She is sort of healed. A bit.

Baxan smashes the beast with his axe while Frihiri sensibly runs away and tries to rocever some of her health. Drogan shoots the beast, landing the final blow.

With the beats defeated the party search the magon and speak to the strange man. In their search for goodies within the wagon they discover something is playing tricks on them. Immediatly they are confronted by a pair of quicklings. It is a difficult battle against creatures they cannot see, however with some trial and error they manage to slice and dice the little buggers. Ember uses radiant damage to re-create the big bang with the body of one of the quicklings. It was epic.

The party, it seems, has taken the strange man under their wing for the mean-time. He will travel with them to their guild inn.





WOOHOO! This is awesome! Thank you :D

The Lost and Found
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