Lost and Found

Trek to the Mountains

Yeenomogowhat Appears

The party collected their treasures from the displacer beast's cave. It appeared as though someone had been living in the cave. Apparently not concerned with this the party continued onward to the mountains. They took a slim pathway with druid runes carved into rocks for protection.

As the traversed they realised they had gone beyond the protection of the rocks. Ember noticed a group of gnolls headed their way. They had to act fast. Frihiri knew their weakness was their wits and so they party devised a quick plan to have Frihiri transform into the Gnoll god to intimidate them while Ember created a god-like display with the thaumaturgy. Drogan and Baxan put on their best performances as slave-body-guards.

When the gnolls approached they were intimidated but didn't quite fall for the trick. The party managed to fight them off with relative ease. Unfortunatly Baxan took a hard hit when the gnoll pack leader drove his spear through his plate armour and slashed his cheek. Baxan got his revenge.

Drogan found he has a soft spot for defenseless, bleeding, gnolls.

After Ember had finished mending and healing the party they began to search for the trail again in hopes they would find the druid stones and rest before they reached the mountain. Unfortunately the lot of them were utterly useless at night hiking and they resolved to camp where they stood.

When the party awoke Drogan was cooking eggs using the flames of Ember's hair. Drogan's eyebrows might grow back.

The party continued onward. They came to the base of the sword mountains where Frihiri scouted ahead and devised a simple plan for them to climb the dangerous ravine. The party tied themselves to Frihiri's immovable rod and she flew aside them as they climbed.

Baxan farted and summoned a wind elemental. wut?

As the party attempted to jump a 30ft gap in the trail a gust of wind blew Baxan and Frihiri to the other side. The party managed to hastily make it across and the wind elemental furiously began to attack.

Heavy damage was taken by all party members as they struggled against the elemental. They finally defeated it, although Baxan was rendered unconscious briefly, and decided to find shelter for a while to rest and heal. Perhaps they neeed to heal their pride after being beaten senseless by an oversized fart.


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